Yes, StarCad Plans has been offline for the last month.  On March 1st we suffered a major server hard drive failure taking with it, well, everything.  Rebuilding the server has be a task if you know what I mean.  Fortunately, we save all of our designs on a seperate hard drive from the server.  At the moment we will be rebuilding the site and files and should be back up to full speed in around three to four week.  At the moment there are only a handful of designs published. Just keep checking back for a better Starcad Plans experience.  

     StarCad Plans offers a place where modelers from around the World can download model airplane plans free from our listing. Just select ˜Downloads" or select it from the menu above.  There are two catagories, ''PDF'' and ''CAD''.  The PDF files can be downloaded directly to your computer while the designs in CAD format require a CAD system to view.